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Our point of view on electric guitars and basses is simple and can be summed up in a few words: firstly, the instrument you play should make you forget about its workings, leaving you completely free to think about your music.
Secondly, it should have that specific sound that only the combination of selected woods and components can give.

We build every single guitar by hand, bestowing our experience and attention to detail, in order to achieve the best tone and the highest reliability for every instrument. A beautiful coat varnish gives this blend a touch of elegance: the best adornment for the instrument you have chosen to give life to your dreams and your music.

All our models are also available for left-handed musicians and are fully customizable to meet any requirement.

EGB proud members

Jacaranda guitars is a prud member of EGB - The European Guitar Builders the association that links all the European luthiers united in the purpose of protecting, developing and promoting the high craftmanship of fine musical instruments building.

  • proxima-de-sensi-fretted-vertical
    Proxima De Sensi Fretted
  • proxima_de_sensi_5_Walnut-Body-2
    Proxima De Sensi 5 Walnut
  • JD-Master-body
    JD Master
  • JD-Master-Jazz-2
    JD Master Jazz
  • JD-red-body
    JD Red
  • JD-black-side
    JD Black
  • JD-05-1024
    JD Blue
  • DSC_0344
    Proxima 6
  • 2-Proxima5-Burl-
    Proxima Burl
  • Proxima-zebrawood-2
    Proxima Zebrawood
  • Proxima-Swamp-Ash-2
    Proxima Swamp Ash
  • Proxima-spalt-2
    Proxima spalt
  • Proxima-ziricote-5-low
    Proxima 4 Fretless
  • Lotus 1
    Lotus Flat Electric
  • Lotus 2
    Lotus Flat Acoustic
  • 5-JL-2-sito
    JL 2.0 Flamed Sunburst
  • Jacaranda-JL-2.0-red-body
    JL 2.0 Red Tiger
  • JL_2.0_black_fronte
    JL 2.0 Black
  • jacaranda_JL_2.0_body_3
    JL 2.0 Hell on Fire
  • Lotus-body
    Lotus Flat Jazz

Our Team

Jacaranda was born in 1999 from the meeting between Luca Quiriconi and Daniele Fierro, two luthiers with the same dream: to create instruments without the limitations of industrial production. This desire becomes their commitment and immediately the pair start designing electric guitars and bass models to provide to the best most demanding of musicians. In early 2000 they began to produce totally handmade models. They chose their laboratory-showroom in the heart of Navigli in Milan, the hub of the artsy and cultural part of the town.

Their dream soon became reality: Jacaranda has a large following on a national scale, and includes many top musicians among its customers and their following continues to grow. Ten years have passed since the first guitar was produced, and the Jacaranda team today can achieve faster results and with greater quality.

Jacaranda’s commitment is to continue to build instruments in the same manner and with the same care as today. We reject the idea of following the trend of other manufacturers in reducing costs through unskilled labor at low prices. In the future we will continue to work for the musicians who understand and appreciate the difference in a handmade instrument.