Daniele Fierro

daniele-FierroDaniele Fierro, born in 1963, builds his first guitar at the age of 14 in the carpentry of a friend, taking measurements from his acoustic Eko. His passion for musical instruments leads him in 1981 to start studying at Carlo Raspagni’s luthier shop. This encounter with the historical luthier is the beginning of what will be his life’s work. As a young graduate, Daniele opens his own workshop, working alone, building and repairing for other shops in Milan. His work is appreciated to the point of getting work from major distributors of musical instruments.
Daniele meets Luca in 1997, and immediately appreciates his potential. They begin a collaboration that is still fruitful to this day. His role in the Jacaranda team concerns: research and selection of woods, aimed at maximum sound and aesthetic, the construction of necks (one of his strong points) and painting. Daniele is also in charge of repair work on basses, restoration of vintage instruments and rewinding of pickups.