Jacaranda JD*warm and deep*sweet and furious

Our take on a great classic design

Jacaranda JD

Warm and fat, sweet and furious. The Jacaranda JD is our take of a great classic: a solid body with with a set-in neck and a fixed bridge (but not only and not necessarily!). You know what we are talking about... However it is not a clone: the JD has its own strong personality and it has become a classic on its own.
  • JD Master
  • JD Master Jazz
  • JD Red
  • JD Black
  • JD Blue


With the JD we created an electric guitar with a perfect tonal balance: the maple neck adds brilliance and the mahogany body gives warm and sustain. With hum-buckers or P90 pickups, the JD has a 24,75″ comfy neck, fast, smooth and precise. We produce it using only the best seasoned woods of our stock. The result is a guitar that cannot go unnoticed.


The mahogany is the wood used for the body of our JD, usually with a AAA figured hand-carved top. We choose honduras and kaya mahogany for its tonal properties and its lightness. The long tenon set-in neck can be in the same wood of the body or in maple. The headstock is angled and the fretboard is in ebony or rosewood.
The combination of all this elements – woods and construction – gives the optimal stiffness and resonance to the instrument, perfect to let the two high quality hum-buckers (or P90) capture each and every nuance of the ringing strings.
The maple top is ideal for transparent colored finishing. The back of the body can be finished with natural, transparent color or solid coated varnish.