Jacaranda JL 2.0*The Rock Evolution

A Singing Devil

Jacaranda JL 2.0

The JL 2.0 is the newest of our models and we are particularly proud of it. It is an evolution of the JL standard – which has been for a long time one of our hits – and it enhances its qualities, timber and sustain, also thanks to a set-in neck with a long tenon. A feature that makes it even more performant.
  • JL 2.0 Flamed Sunburst
  • JL 2.0 Red Tiger
  • JL 2.0 Black
  • JL 2.0 Hell on Fire


From the JL Standard the new JL 2.0 inherits the shape of the body, fit for rock, the elegant and aggressive character, the luxurious dress uniform, as we can see in these specimen that shows some spectacular 3D top.
As all our models, the Jacaranda JL 2.0 can be produced according customers choices. These particular models display a Floyd Rose bridge but any can kind of bridge or vibrato tail can be chosen.


For the body of our JL 2.0 we mainly choose an alder body, or a mahogany one if we want a warmer and fatter sound. The top is in quilted maple or poplar, AAA quality: perfect for be varnished with transparent colors.
Necks are 22 frets, 25.5″, in canadian maple, with a C shape and a flat radius. The double truss rod is easily adjustable from the top of the neck. For our fingerboards we prefer the south-american rosewood to the indian one, for its superior tonal and endurance qualities. We are very proud of our necks – and 10 years of our professional customers’ satisfaction witnesses it – but of course we are ready to discuss and implement any special request.