Proxima*Mister Bass

Unrivaled versatlity

Jacaranda Proxima

Totally unique, both for its design and the chosen solution, Proxima has been for a long time the flagship of Jacaranda's production. Projected more then 15 years ago with the idea or producing an instruments packed with innovation, our Proxima is a sonic tool full of solutions: the choice of many pro players who adopted it without hesitation.


Totally custom-designed, Proxima is the result of a long process and displays some innovative features, both on function and aesthetic side.


Built in many different version - 4, 5 or 6 strings, fretted or fretless - Proxima has been realized throughout years with different woods. One favourite version is the one with a spruce top and an alder body. For the neck we select the best quilted maple while the fretboard can be african ebony, rosewood or maple.
The neck is bolt on the body with a special junction that we called SideBolt that sums up the bright attack typical of bolt-on necks with a very precise definition of lower tones and a perfect access to all the fretboard.
The TransBridge, another Jacaranda original design, contributes to create the particular sound of Proxima. On the fretless models, it often integrates a piezo transducer, for that acoustic sound that - mixed with the one given from the mag pickups - offers an incredible tonal palette.

  • Proxima Burl
  • Proxima Zebrawood
  • Proxima Swamp Ash
  • Proxima spalt