Davide Fossati

davide-fossati-2Davide Fossati, born in 1985, was born in the Brianza area, renowned for the excellence of its artisanal workshops. Here Davide begins working with wood craftsmen in his area at a very young age. The love for music was passed on to him from his family. In 2005, Davide combines these two passions by enrolling to the Civica Scuola di Liuteria in Milan following courses with teachers Lippi and Rizzi, building classical guitars, lutes and mandolins. His great love for rock music spurs him to be also interested in electric instruments.
After graduating in 2009 Davide started an internship at Jacaranda where, in February 2012, he was offered the opportunity to enter as a full member.
In Jacaranda Davide deals with cutting and processing bodies and keyboards. Concerning repair work he also deals with the bonding and the preparation of painting